Friday, February 04, 2005

Good Will Aggregating

Why is public relations necessary?

Yesterday I posted an open letter asking folks in the PR industry to join together in a grassroots blogging campaign to help raise the perception of our industry.

Here are some early snips from some of the PR blogorati:

ELIZABETH ALBRYCHT: "...Never before in the history of our profession has there been a greater need for professional communicators..."

ANONYMOUS: "For public relations to be effective it has to be based on credibility and integrity. Those that I admire in the business have this in spades. If there's any kind of Darwinian justice these are the people that will form the PR gene pool for the future."

ROBERT FRENCH: “We need leaders - servant leaders. I want to see my PR leaders on CNN, MSNBC and Fox. I want to see their opinions in print, on radio, in blogs, in podcasts, online and everywhere possible. I want visible and transparent PR leaders.”

NEVILLE HOBSON: "Other than every PR professional taking an individual stand in the absence of any stand for the profession by any professional association, what's to be done? What can any PR professional do to raise the perception of PR as an honourable profession?"

BOB LEDREW: "I've learned that it's simply not enough to do good things -- it's important to show that organizations and individuals are doing them, and to communicate that fact to the right audiences."

MORGAN MCLINTIC: "I don't feel that PR's existence or raison d'etre is at stake. PR is necessary. PR is valuable. PR is relevant. What's more, it's more relevant, valuable and necessary now than ever before."

TOM MURPHY: "I love PR because your friends don't understand what you do and your mother always wants to know why your name isn't in the paper."

JEREMY PEPPER: "...with an administration that had a first term with one of the lowest amount of press conferences, and then showed its disdain for the press by paying pundits to push their agenda, PR has taken an unnecessary hit for being the conduit of some of these deals."

PETER WEST: "Over the years I've seen lots of folks use some of the very powerful PR tools to do a world of good. Let me give you an example of how we used PR to help police with a cold case involving an unknown victim."

Thank you all so much for contributing. But don't quit now! Send your posts to all your friends in the industry and have them contribute as well.

What would you all think about doing this once a month, say on the first Friday of each month?

All in favor, say "aye!".....

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