Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blog 9-11: Help! All the Aggregators Have Stopped Picking up my Feed!

UPDATE: Pardon the disruption. However, from this point further I'll be posting over on my new blog on Typepad.

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About three days ago I noticed that all the aggregators, every single one, had stopped picking up my RSS feed. I tinkered and dinked and tweaked around, but to no avail. I wondered if perhaps something at Ping-O-Matic had clunked out, so I experimented with individual pings to individual aggregators.

Nothing worked.

So tonight I sent a "help me, please!" email to Technorati, PubSub and Blogdigger. The first to respond was Greg Gershman from Blogdigger. He was very helpful and apologetic--even though the problem was all mine.

Greg found some noxious html in one post and that apparently was clogging the whole feed. He sent me to FeedValidator to find the problem. If you ever sense that your posts aren't connecting with your normal outlets, try this site or type in your RSS or ATOM address like so: YOUR RSS FEED ADDRESS HERE

Thanks, Greg! It wasn't his job to help me with my broken html and I really appreciate it. Somebody give Greg a raise.