Thursday, January 20, 2005

PR for Dummies: Fort Wayne IN needs some help - Looking for signs of intelligent life in Fort Wayne

This USA Today story interviews the intelligentsia of Fort Wayne, IN after a Men's Health magazine survey named this fair city the dumbest city in America.

Quoth USA Today: "The survey is the talk of the town, or at least among those who read, and there appear to be thousands..."

"...Columnist Kevin Leininger suggested it was basically "an evil Liberal Media Conspiracy." He pointed out that eight of the 10 smartest cities were in blue states, and eight of the dumbest were in red states. He says it's not a coincidence that "a certain amount of cultural elitism was at work here."


This just explains why Bush did so well in those eight red states.

You'd think Mr. Leininger, a member of the Fourth Estate, would know not to argue with people who buy ink by the barrel.

Then again he does live in Fort Wayne.

City leaders will need to get in front of this story fast, or be labled the Jessica Simpson of cities for all eternity.

In fact, the bimbo brand is already beginning to stick:

“I’ve seen some dumb things in my life, but I haven’t seen as many as I have this week,” says a police officer watching typical Fort Waynians drive around "road closed" barriers and into flooded streets.