Saturday, January 29, 2005

Paying Pundits is Propaganda Proclaims Pelosi

"When I was a kid, a journalist who took money from the government was a propagandist, someone who worked at Pravda for the KGB," to quote myself in a previous post.

Apparently Representative Nancy Pelosi and twenty other ranking congressional leaders feel the same.

President Urged to Order Full Disclosure of Covert Propaganda

The House wants the President to release all contracts signed by the Administration during its "secret publicity campaigns." While the Senate has introduced a "Stop Government Propaganda Act," to which Dan Gillmor states, "If people can't support this bill, they are outright endorsing corruption of the press. Period."

Ray Kotcher, CEO of Ketchum, writes in PR Week that his agency, for its role in this scandal "is currently under the microscope, the PR industry at large is about to be viewed through a telescope. For starters, a public-interest group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to 22 government agencies, including all cabinet agencies, requesting copies of all contracts with PR firms."

Thanks, Ray.

If you're called to testify before Congress, here's my media training advice:

Do everything you can to keep the photographers from shooting you from the Angle of Guilt. You know what I'm talking about. These guys squat down below and in front of the committee dais and shoot upwards at the testify-ee.

Keep the photogs away from this shot.

This is not a good angle for anyone.