Monday, January 17, 2005

Craigslist: It's Craigsworld, we just post in it

Craigslist's global expansion could threaten big players

Eric Pfanner has written an excellent article on the nicest man in the world, Craig Newmark, is taking over the world one city at a time. This man doesn't own a dog, yet he carries dog biscuits in his pockets to give out to all the dogs he encounters on the streets of San Francisco.

I wish Craigslist had the same reach here in Austin as it does in San Francisco. It works so well in the Bay Area because everyone there is on it. I found three jobs and two apartments on Craigslist. And when we moved, I typed in "cardboard boxes" and found several people who had just unpacked and were giving their boxes away to anyone willing to drive by.

During the Bust, we moved from a 2 bdrm apartment down to a 1 bdrm. So to make room, we sold and bought everything we needed through Craigslist. We had a coral colored chaise lounge that we sold to an interior designer. A year later we're watching HGTV and my wife recognizes the designer.

"Omigawd, that's our chaise lounge," says my wife.

Ah, the circle of life is complete.