Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Attention Martha Stewart, Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers, John Riggas, Paris Hilton

Do you have a need to rehabilitate your image?

What sort of foot print have you left on the Internet? When reporters or employers Google your name do they find your carefully crafted key messages? Or are the first ten items penned by some unemployed crank who wears a tin foil hat to stop the X-rays emanating from your company's products?

If you have the budget, you can drive Mr. Tin Foil down in the rankings by issuing press release after press release.

**Roll commercial***

Press release on BusinessWire or PRNewswire: $600-1000 USD

Your reputation: priceless


Still, with bailbondsmen, lawyers and all, sometimes it's hard.

Here's a solution that's free for the first year, $50 a yr, thereafter.

Post your profile on Ziggs.

The company claims its back end work with search engines
will keep your best side always toward the public while Mr. Tin Foil can go back stalking Brad Pitt.

Here's my profile on Ziggs.

And even though I'm hardly a celebrity, here's some of the silliness that I've had to overcome from Mr. Tin Foil.

And if you're still lurking, ya git, Angelina Jolie and I are just friends.