Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ad on Andrew Fischer's Forehead: It Ain't Me, Babe


Putting the SnoreStop ad on this guy's forehead wasn't my doing! Thanks to everyone who called and emailed today, asking if I had anything to do with this stunt.

Here's the press release from the real culprits, Crier Communications, a SoCal PR agency:

Heads-Up! SnoreStop Highest Bidder to Place Ad on Andrew Fischer's Forehead for One Month; $37,375.00 eBay Bid a Surprise from Daughter of SnoreStop CEO Christian de Rivel

They get extra points for the creative CEO quote that compliments young Andrew Fischer for his "head for business." Should get lots of pick up, that quote.

Crier's Peter Berk should be having a fun day today. It will be interesting to watch this agency's efforts to keep the story alive for a couple more news cycles. Peter, when things slow down, give me a call. I've got some ideas on how to keep making headlines.

Have you seen the rapid Newtonian opposite re-action in the blogosphere? In fact, there's even a Forehead Ad Blocker, a new product for auction up on eBay.